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Domestic Violence

To provide a training workshop to educate young girls and women To promote awareness Discuss issues affecting the community arena Protecting girls and women Introduce the law for protection Where ...

Le leadership feminin à Sô-Ava

Il s'agit d'une activité d'exposition des produits locaux et artisanaux fabriqués par les femmes autochtones de la localité sur des stands qui leurs seront repartis à cet effet. Au cours ...

Bridging the Migration Gap- Collaboration & Advocacy Workshops

With the rise in migration, and notably those with refugee status from the Middle East, we have noticed a widening gap between new arrivals and their European host communities. There ...

Technovanza 2018

Train and develop up to 500 Teens and Kids on latest technologies, its usage, advantage and benefits. Then also engage them in practical tech projects, assignments, drills etc. As a ...


Lika' means gathering in Arabic. It is a open and safe platform for youth to discuss critical issues facing their country. It is a space where young people coming from ...

Youth; Actors for peace and Justice in Cameroon

Young people are at the forefront and at the same time victims of the current crisis in Cameroon. Bringing them on the table with other development actors (Government officials, Civil ...

Foro: Estado de derecho, políticas públicas inclusivas y religiones

Encuentro entre referentes políticos, organizaciones de sociedad civil y actores religiosos


Water is Life and many negative human actions of people have cause water availability in Ndu SubDivision - Cameroon

Building Safe spaces for adolescents organising and mobilising for change

Mini town hall with college students to discuss on the need for safe spaces in schools


Kenya is one among the many african nations that is seriously divided among the tribal lines. We have about 43 tribes in Kenya, and the hate among the tribes is ...