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Enhancing the understanding of community participation and action for the Batwa in Kabale south western Uganda

Originally, the Batwa were semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers, based around the high mountainous forest areas round Lake Kivu and Lake Edward in the Great Lakes region in the heart of Africa. The ...

Conducting Public Consciousness/ education, community outreaches to inspire and empower youth demand constitutional respect and

Uganda’s struggles for accountable political leadership have been on since independence; struggles to place people’s aspirations and needs at the center of governance; struggles for the people to recover their ...

Theatre Performances for reduction of Political tension in Uganda

Theatre involves the protagonist and an antagonist coming together on the scene to discuss issues in a spectacular way creating rapport between the players and the audience, causing the two ...

Constructive Engagement on East African Crude Oil Pipeline [EACOP] in Kyotera District

Beatrice & Elisa Global Youth Foundation (BEGYOFO) understands that a major infrastructure project, the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project from Hoima [Uganda] to Tanga [Tanzania] is underway, and ...


Theme: Girls SPEAK Campaign on Menstrual Health Management to fight MHM stigma and discrimination with their parents, teachers and other community stakeholders.

The Use of Social Media in Uganda

A dialogue of 30 people over a brunch discussing the topic of "The Effects of Social Media in Uganda"

Convening Democracy Dialogue; COTFONE_ Uganda

Community Transformation Foundation Network (COTFONE) is planning to convene a democracy dialogue as part of the Speak! 2018 on the theme of ‘Helping Give a Voice to Everyone, Everywhere’. Numerous ...

Malgré sa pluralité, la société civile burundaise peut-elle restée fidèle aux valeurs et principes?

La société civile burundaise n'est pas très vieille car les premiers balbutiements de création des organisations de la société civile datent de 1990. Depuis lors, les gouvernements successifs ont toujours ...


“Education of 90 girls on Menstrual Health Management through arts in 3 primary schools and challenging MHM stigma and discrimination with their parents, teachers and other community stakeholders in Central ...

Speakup for Unity

Hope we have all the facilities at to host an event of a kind all we need is some inkind help