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Youth Dinner Table

The Youth Voice of SA will be hosting a large dinner with one-on-one conversations between people of different backgrounds or perspectives

Africans stand against xenophobia

This event concerns the grouping of African peoples who are refugees in South Africa South Africa knows more than three times xenophobic violence against other Africans coming from neighboring countries ...

One on one conversation between people from different backgrounds or perspectives.

The conversation will be about learning from others who are different from your culture or who have different perspective of life.

Bua MoAfrika

South African Poets/Poetes meet together and recite poetry. The Purpose of Event : Build Unity Raise Voice Reduce Crime


The community of the NW province in South Africa is highly polarized. From political divisions, racial & cultural wars, gender violence to religious sect intolerance. Minding Change of Minds is ...

The Quest of Proper Reading Ability

Proper Reading ability is a major equity issue for many schoolchildren.Reading ability do not transfer automatically from mother tongue language to the secondary language. This is particularly an issue in ...

High school speak out challange

Debate between high schools learners This will be a three day tournament, between minimum of 5 school.

Citizen Jusctice: The link betweeen Community paralegals and Radio pesenters

We have recognised that in the past CJN has only dealt with stations as a body which we have not included them our idea of content creation, determination and other ...