Youth for Peace Dailogue, Stop extra- Judicial Voilence and Kidnaps in Uganda

Uganda / 2 jun 2018 - 22 sep 2018

Last year, 20 Women were killed in Wakiso District, 5 Journalists attacked and injured by police while covering opposition demonstrations from September to December 2017. Opposition rallies have continuously been suppressed by Police and some opposition figures injured. There is continued kidnaps of people, since January 2018 over 10 youth have been kidnaped and 3 killed. Pang gangs raid have raided villages in Central Uganda and killed Citizens. Despite all that, no conclusive investigation report has be released. This situation is so worrying and affects freedom of movement in Uganda. It also keeps citizens under fear since they don't know the motivation behind it. It becomes more scarily when some reports point at security organs being involved. YVF wants to start a campaign to hold government accountable for its responsibility to protect citizens. It also wants to make citizens pro-active to demand for action from government and be conscience on peace and security of the nation. We shall partner with youth organizations around the country, use peace ambassadors initiated last year with support from SPEAK, To hold dialogues with security organs, Send spot messages on social media, trend on a hashtag ( #I Care ) and join together on 21st September 2018 at a mega dialogue.