Community dialogue on interreligious marriage for young people of different beliefs (Christianity, Islam and tradition) through

Benin / 16 nov 2018 - 18 nov 2018

Benin is a country of peace, secularism and social cohesion in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, there are sometimes interreligious conflicts and regularly points of disagreement between the faithful of the three major religions practiced (Christianity, Islam and tradition). This situation sometimes makes it difficult for young people of different beliefs to marry (between a young evangelical Christian and a young Muslim or a Christian and a traditional). Even if the lovers (the girl and the boy) love each other, the parents oppose and sometimes curse them. This situation often leads to interreligious conflicts and sociological problems, worse, there are some young people who commit suicide or disappear.
Therefore, as part of SPEAK campaign, CRADDES NGO will organize a Community Dialogue on interreligious marriage for young people of different beliefs (Christianity, Islam and tradition). This dialogue will take place through a workshop and a film screening. The first activity will consist in organizing an intergenerational and interreligious workshop to dialogue or exchange on the possibilities of marriage between different beliefs. This workshop will bring together 50 religious leaders and young people from the three major religions (Christianity, Islam and tradition). Through this activity, we hope to overcome the obstacles of division and try to create links and understanding.
The second activity will consist of a film screening at the University of Abomey-Calavi on interreligious cohabitation and the possibilities of marriage between people of different religions. After the film screening an awareness will be made with the participants. About 1000 participants from different religions are expected for this activity. This activity will enable us to analyse together the possibility of compromising and preventing unnecessary divisions and conflicts.
Globally, the various activities above will contribute to the implementation of the SDGs in Benin, in particular SDG 5 and target 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, SDG 10 and target 10.2, then SDG 16 and targets 16.2.
An adequate online communication will be done around the activities before, during and after the realization of this microproject.