Kenya / 25 nov 2018 - 25 dec 2018

Kenya is one among the many african nations that is seriously divided among the tribal lines. We have about 43 tribes in Kenya, and the hate among the tribes is something abyone would wish to end soonest. The tribal animosity is chronic among the four largest tribes in kenya: Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya and Kalenjin. The animosity has been contributed to largely by political differences. During electioneering period,the hate between the tribes is always palpable.

Going forward, I feel it is possible to organise the youths to help fight the vice. This can be made possible by bringing youths from the communities together with opinion leaders and finding a lasting solution to it. It can also be made possible by carrying out campaigns and educational campaigns to help preach the importance of peaceful coexistence and the need to appreciate the role each plays in the society