The Normversation Project

Nigeria / 16 nov 2018 - 18 nov 2018

We are hosting 2 events in 2 days across 4 states in Nigeria where we have state groups - The Conversation Cafe and the CurbWalk Chats.

The Conversation Cafe is an innovation of ours that serves to propagate the mental health discussion in fun, relaxed settings like beach fronts, lush restaurants, parks etc. Usually organized monthly across all our chapters, it combines practical games that encourage sharing, with educational sessions that teach people how to talk about mental health issues with acquaintances and even strangers. Our Question Focus for this month is "What will it take to End Mental Health Stigma" and will be hosted by individuals with lived experience of mental health issues in all 4 Nigerian cities where we have presence (Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt and Ibadan).

Sometimes people just need someone to listen to them, and with the CurbWalk Chat project, we will be sending out a group of trained empathetic listeners wearing dress boxes and smiles. They will sit down with strangers in the mall, chat with runners in the park and walk the curbwalks with students on their way back from lectures. The Curbwalk Chats really just provides that outlet for people, to get help from an unlikely source in unlikely places like parks, college walkways and Malls and enables them to speak with us, about issues they initially didn't think anyone was interested in listening to, or they didn't have courage to express for fear of being judged and ostracized for it.