Discussion: Racism, Migrant Workers, and the Lebanese Economy

Lebanon / 4 dec 2018 - 4 dec 2018

At this event, we will address racist beliefs and attitudes that exist against migrant workers in Lebanon. Although we have seen an increase in the number of local activists and allies who support migrant domestic workers’ rights in recent years, many individuals still hold racist beliefs against migrant domestic workers, and justify the various local systems and practices that disadvantage this group. Together, we will be having a conversation about our underlying assumptions, reasoning, and attitudes towards Asian, African, and Arab migrant workers in Lebanon. The event will hopefully lead to a shared understanding of exclusionary systems between attendees with a focus on socioeconomic justice and solidarity, facilitating better relationships between at least some local citizens and migrant workers they interact with on a daily basis. This will also contribute to building an alternative discourse on migrant workers’ rights that is rooted in a shared struggle between the Lebanese and the migrants against exploitative socioeconomic frameworks.