Discussion: Racism, Migrant Workers, and the Lebanese Economy

Lebanon / 10 dec 2018 - 10 dec 2018

Anti-Racism Movement, in collaboration with Haven for Artists in Concept 2092 and Speak!, invite you to a discussion on Racism, Migrant Workers, and the Lebanese Economy.

At this event, we will address racist beliefs and attitudes that exist against migrant workers and migrant domestic workers in Lebanon. We will have a conversation about our underlying assumptions, reasoning, and attitudes towards Asian, African, and Arab migrant workers in Lebanon. Our discussion will hopefully lead to a shared understanding of exclusionary systems between attendees with a focus on socioeconomic justice and solidarity. At the Anti-Racism Movement, we seek to build an alternative discourse on migrant workers’ rights that is rooted in a shared struggle between the Lebanese population as well as the migrant community in Lebanon, against exploitative socioeconomic frameworks. Join us!

Free Entrance.