Nigeria / 10 dec 2017

There are few opportunities in Nigeria where the Southern Kaduna indigenes and non-indigenes can sit down, chat and celebrate the positive aspects of remote community life, together. There are few places nationally where people synergize to enjoy everything from local delicacies, drinks, to game, or join in a traditional dance ceremony. This place reflects the culture of the southern Kaduna people, and this opportunity is the annual Chong Dovetail Festival… What is our aim? a) To create a social atmosphere that reflects the peculiarities of our culture, rekindle/awaken the love for home in the people b) To bridge the gap of division by using entertainment as an agent of peace and nation building. The Name Chong Dovetail is a fusion of a common slang and an English words; o CHONG: Culled from the popular name our generation address the southern Kaduna people “Chongai” o DOVETAIL: A verb meaning to fit or cause to fit together easily and conveniently. It is synonymous to words like meet up, link up, go together, equate. ETC. Simply put, Chong Dovetail in its entirety is a progressive initiative that umbrellas the whole SK people to pass a universal message regardless of the diversity