Demonstration "Free Polish women - free Poland. All for one, one for all"

Poland / 24 sep 2017 - 24 sep 2017

Poland remains to be at forefront of battle over women’s rights and the right to a safe and legal abortion. Polish women refuse to remain passive. Representatives of pro-choice organizations, groups and parties established the “Save Women” Civic Committee, which has been collecting signatures under a draft bill that guarantees access to abortion, contraception, sex education and respectful antenatal care. The Federation for Women and Family Planning is organizing for this Civic Committee and for The Great Coalition for Equality and Choice a grand demonstration in front of the Polish Parliament. It will serve the following objectives: - showing support for the initiative "Save Women" - raising awareness about the number of women that die or harm their health as a result of the strict anti-abortion law - requesting liberalization of the law so that the State would ensure legal abortion financed from the state budget on demand until 12th week of pregnancy - demanding free and accessible contraception as well as comprehensive sex education in schools - celebrating the International Safe Abortion Day - lobbying for an access to comprehensive reproductive health services - participating in the "SPEAK!" Campaign This demonstration presents also a unique chance to get acquainted with diverse perspectives - participants will listen to representatives of women's and human rights NGOs, activists, academicians, medical practitioners as well as to ordinary women that suffer under the current state policies. Polish people will SPEAK UP for fundamental rights and freedoms of women.