Tunisia / 23 sep 2017 - 23 sep 2017

#GOUL ( Speak with the Tunisian dialect) This event organizing by CALAM against violence and Youth without Borders, and aims to raise awareness of the freedom of assembly and the freedom of Expression. And pay tribute to all the voice victim in the world. Specific Objectives: - highlights the importance of freedom of association. - starting point off an advocacy campaign against the bill prepared by the Ministry of Relations with Civil Society. Description of the event It is a musical concert facilitated by the journalist CHAKER BESBES. The Concert will be at last for two and half hour with 4 engaged Tunisian singers: BENDIR MAN, YESSER JERADI, LOBNA NOOMEN AND BADIAA BOUHRIZ. Alongside of the musical performances at the back of the stage, there will be young artists painting for the FoE area. and the winners will receive prizes at the end of the evening. Between the different part of the concert, the moderator of the evening will present short interventions related to the theme of freedom of expression and freedom of Assembly. Public figures will be invited in this event in order to support the message of the campaign : "Helping give a voice to everyone, everywhere” date Event The event will be held on Saturday, September 23, 2017, 6 pm, in Tunis . Duration of the event The event is going to be duration on the turn of 2 hours 30 minutes.