Indonesia / 22 sep 2017 - 30 sep 2017

September is the darkest month in the history of Indonesia. Lots of atrocities against humanity were happening in that month. The massacre of the high military generals in 30 September 1965 was the trigger of one of the most gruesome genocide in Indonesia that had any involvement or relation with PKI (Indonesian Communist Party). In September 1984, a riot sparked in Tanjung Priok Area, Jakarta where dozens of people were killed by the military that later known as Tanjung Prik Massacre. On 24 September 1999, the government committed a repressive act against students and people who protested the government rulings, tens of people were killed and left hundreds injured. The human rights defender Munir Said Thalib was killed on 7 September 2004 during his flight to Amsterdam to pursue a master degree in international law and human rights. Until now, the Government has never been serious to investigate the human rights violations that were happened in Indonesia. Gulita/Blackout campaign is the expression of what we want to deliver to people and organizations that working on human rights to push the Government to further implement human rights as a whole and encouraging public awareness to escape from the darkness in understanding human rights. We will stage an online media blackout for 1 hour, with help from social media influencers, together with silent street actions/protests. To be followed by a week long film festival from 22-30 September.