Below is a list of resources to make your event a huge success!

If you are yet to register your event, please do so here:



If you're looking for advice on organising an amazing SPEAK! event -- including ready-made event options -- then this is it! 

To download the toolkit, click HERE.


Check out these videos celebrating our shared humanity for more ideas:

  • This video from TV2 in Denmark shows the value of looking beyond first impressions to see what we have in common.
  • An Inspiring Friendship shows that hatred can be overcome, even in extreme cases.
  • This episode of Middle Ground from the team at Jubilee Media shows how conversations about topics like gender can at times be awkward, but also important.


Created by our friends at Living Room Conversations, this conversation guide on the topic of “tolerance” offers a simple yet powerful way to structure your event.

Click HERE to download a copy.


Getting newspapers, radio or TV stations to cover your event can help it have a wider impact beyond the people who attend.

If this is important to you, then consider what might make your event appealing to the media. Can you get a famous figure to attend? Is there something visually arresting or creative that would look great on television?

Do some research to find the contact details of prominent media outlets and journalists where you are, and let them know in advance that your event is happening. 

We’ve drafted a sample press release that you can edit and circulate to media. To access it, click HERE.


We kindly ask that you include logos for the campaign on all public materials for your event, such as posters, flyers, banners, programs, and online materials.

A .zip folder with all the files can be downloaded HERE:

  • For the SPEAK! logo, you can choose from one of the multi-language versions -- available in both horizontal (“inline”) & vertical (“stack”) and on black & white background -- or use the English only version.
  • Where possible, please try to include the logo for CIVICUS, which is the global alliance behind the SPEAK! campaign.
  • Finally, you may wish to make use of the tagline for the campaign: “TOGETHER, WE SPEAK!” -- this is, however, completely optional.

Please do not make edits to any of the logos provided without the written permission of the SPEAK! team. 

Where time allows, we'd appreciate the opportunity to review any designs for your materials before they are printed, to ensure they fit the overall look and feel of the campaign. Please send these to us at and we'll reply to you quickly.


Engage you networks -- before, during and after the event -- via social media.

The hashtag for the campaign is #TogetherWeSpeak. Please use this whenever you advertise your event or share photos, videos or highlights from it, and encourage participants to do the same.

You can find banner and profile images for Facebook and Twitter HERE, which we suggest you add to your social accounts in the days before your event (NB: This is the same .zip folder that contains all campaign logos)

Here are some sample posts for you to share on your social platforms. When relevant, you can include the public link to your event page:

  1. [insert Facebook/Twitter profile image] Our world is more connected and divided than ever. It's time to SPEAK! with those we don't normally. Join us. #TogetherWeSpeak
  2. We’re so excited for our SPEAK! event on [insert date]! Join us: [insert event page link] #TogetherWeSpeak
  3. The SPEAK! 24 Hours of Global Action are coming! 20-21 September 2019. What events are happening in your city? Find out at #TogetherWeSpeak

SPEAK! has been created by CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation. You can tag CIVICUS on Twitter @CIVICUSalliance or Facebook @CIVICUS.


Looking to promote your event to members of the public? We've created a great looking poster for you to use.

Download a copy HERE.


Still have questions or need advice? We are here to help!

Get in touch with your SPEAK! Regional Champion or contact the SPEAK! global team directly at

We speak English, French and Spanish.