Ps Evan Mawarire (Zimbabwe)

Zimbabwe / Stories / 14 jul 2017

A year ago, Pastor Evan Mawarire started the most subversive protest movement in Zimbabwe’s recent history, and he did it by accident. Fed up with the state of his nation, he decided to share his frustrations online in a raw and inspiring video called #ThisFlag.

The video became a rallying cry to restore Zimbabwe to a country its people can be proud of, and it has since sparked a movement of millions of ordinary citizens speaking out against corruption, injustice and poverty. Despite being imprisoned multiple times and the intimidation of his family by the Mugabe government, Ps Mawarire remains resolute in his determination for a free Zimbabwe.

In June, he was again arrested - this time while praying with medical students at the University of Zimbabwe who were standing up against a recent fees hike. His response on Twitter: “As surely as the sun will always set, so this season will indeed end. Our land shall be free #ThisFlag”

Ps Mawarire will stand trial in September 2017 on the charge of 'subverting a constitutional government'. He faces a maximum life sentence.